November 30, 2014 -- There might not be much snow in California, but December is arriving and winter is looming.  Despite cooler temperatures and holidays, however, Melissa is continuing on full steam ahead.

While seeking new venues, events, and locations to perform, Melissa has for all intents and purposes garnered a regular spot at a hotel in the Beach Cities of Los Angeles.  Although she is not there on a set schedule, Melissa is there at least two weekends a month.  In addition to the repeat bookings, she has drawn high praise from both the staff as well as countless guests who continue to discover her there.

All the while, she is in the final sessions of what will result in her long awaited new CD.  The special “acoustic sessions” preview copies have nearly sold out thanks to her live performances, both in October at the Pensacola Beach (FL) Songwriters Festival where they debuted as well as back on the west coast.

One “leftover” from the PBSF this year is a video that has been posted on Melissa’s official YouTube channel.  Featured is her performance of her song “Living For Today” during the event two months ago.

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