April 30, 2015 -- Melissa recently entered unchartered territory, stepping out of her normal comfort zone and onto a whole different type of stage.
She had been asked to be a part of a women’s event that was being put on by West Side Church of Culver City, in conjunction with their sister church in Manhattan Beach, South Bay Church.  To be held at the J.W. Marriott at the Los Angeles International Airport, the event was called “Selfie” and was to include a keynote speaker, table discussions, and a raffle.  Attendance this past Saturday for it was over 500.
Just for that event, there was also a play scripted to demonstrate broken relationships due to people turning to vices, such as drinking, instead of their faith.  The aim was to provide a message of hope for women.
In two numbers during the performance, Melissa sang and danced with a small group of other women, which marked her first real theatre experience.  Plus, as seen in the photo below, with her acoustic guitar, she performed the Jessie J song, “You Don’t Really Know Me,” which is about hiding your true emotions because you want everyone to believe that you are truly happy.  
Although Melissa regularly played in her church's worship band while living in Atlanta, she said, "This was a new experience for me. There's something so much more fulfilling when you devote your talent to something greater than yourself. My involvement in 'Selfie' was doing just that; playing a very small part in something much bigger, and it has been my absolute honor."

Solo performance at Selfie event