August 25, 2015 -- Melissa is out performing regularly in the greater Los Angeles area, with new venues coming onboard to complement “the regulars.”
Her schedule has been dotted with weeknight and weekend performances, including a stretch of four shows in seven nights earlier this month.
Since then Melissa has also been confirmed to participate yet again in the annual Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival.  This will be the seventh edition of the event in the Florida panhandle, focusing on sharing stories through song and music with locals and other songwriters.
“I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been getting at some new venues here in California,” Melissa said.  “It’s rewarding to get the re-bookings at these new spots as well as in places where I’ve been playing already.
“I've had the pleasure of being invited back for my fifth year at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival, which I just love being a part of. Being that I'm from the area, it's always a great time for me getting to catch up with family, friends, and the other songwriters. I also look forward to connecting with new people through music and stories. I always leave the festival feeling motivated and inspired!"

Melissa, of course, is performing much of the music that is on her new album, “Easy Way Out,” which is now in production. Some newly written songs will make their debut at the festival this year too!
Keep up with her schedule of live dates here on her official website.

Performing August 16th
Melissa at a live show approximately ten days ago.