September 30, 2014 -- Melissa heads to the 6th Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival this week armed with limited edition preview copies of what will be her new album.  What she’ll have at the event in the Sunshine State gives a big peek at what the finished album will contain.

The preview copies will have seven songs, all portrayed acoustically.  The formal release will not only contain additional tracks, but more instrumentation will be added to the initial seven.  As such, the preview copies of the CDs at this week’s festival will be tagged as “Acoustic Sessions” (although the working title of the album is “Easy Way Out,” which is one of the song titles).

Melissa noted that it has been difficult to choose which songs will be on the release, based largely on writing new songs.  With her writing having changed so much since her first album release, there are a handful of songs performed previously that just aren’t making the final cut.  However, while still trying to preserve some element of surprise, there will be newly written songs to debut on the album, which is targeted for release by the end of October.

One unique aspect about what Melissa is releasing is the presence of a live recording.  The version of her song “Daddy” will be from her live performance at the Rodeo Opry in Oklahoma City.  She said that in this case she, “wanted people who don’t get the chance to see me live to hear what I sound like in that setting, and more notably with the backing of a well-established house band instead of performing solo and exclusively in the studio environment.”

The track listing for the preview copies of “Easy Way Out” is as follows:
1.    House I Tried to Call Home
2.    Living For Today
3.    Better Than That
4.    Live Where You Vacation
5.    Easy Way Out
6.    Win The Fight
7.    Daddy (live)

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