February 9, 2015 -- The setting for the recent activities around Melissa is broad in the geographic sense.  About the only way to keep track of it all is through the Web, which in itself becomes part of the story of her latest news.
As work concludes in Los Angeles on Melissa’s new album, she has reached across the country to a connection from one of her many songwriters festival appearances for a special guest appearance.  Focusing mainly on guitar work, singer/songwriter Dave McCormick from West Virginia has been personally asked to play by Melissa.
“I admired Dave’s playing and his diverse style from the very first time I met him and heard him play,” Melissa said.  “He's also one of the kindest and most genuine people I've met along my music journey.  While technology makes things convenient and has made just about anything possible, I would have loved to work with him in person on this project.”
McCormick has written over 500 songs, plays four different instruments, and opened for Merle Haggard at the Ryman Theater (home of the Grand Ole Opry).
Melissa had just recently returned from what was supposed to be a personal trip to Hawaii.  However, she did perform one night there at a resort on the island’s fabled North Shore.  A photo from that night was sent out on Melissa’s official Twitter account and posted on her Facebook page.  No doubt, though, she did manage to get in some time surfing.
To continue reports such as this one on all-things-Melissa-Brethauer-music, a new website is being planned.  The hope is for its launch to coincide with the release of her new album.  In the meantime, she is in the process of filming and adding new videos to her official YouTube channel.
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