October 30, 2016 -- Melissa was recently commissioned by the ‘Mi’racle Bell Foundation to write a song for their organization and its crowdfunding campaign.

Miracel Bell Foundation logoWhat she created is a musical testimony to a woman nicknamed “Mama,” who the River Don Sanctuary (the umbrella organization over the Foundation) is trying to find a home for.  ‘Mama’ (real name Mary Kathryn Edwards) has a long, sad backstory, which is briefly described on the Causes page of the Foundation website that also contains a video aiming to depict her story.  The song that Melissa wrote, entitled, “Standing Strong (Song for Mama)” starts playing at the 24-second mark of that video.  In addition, clicking on the Donate button on that same webpage takes you to an online destination that highlights Melissa, the aforementioned song, and even her “Easy Way Out” album.

Standing Strong artworkMelissa says “Standing Strong”  was written with “more of a bluesy feel to it” and said, “Though her story is one riddled with pain and sadness, it is also triumphant, so it was important to me to highlight the intensity of those emotions in the song.”

The Foundation, a non-profit based in California, is using Melissa’s song as one of the gifts that will be given to donors who contribute to their fundraising campaign.  In addition to the Gifts page on their website, donations are also being accepted through a GoFundMe page that they have set up.

As noted on their GoFundMe page, “The 'Mi'racle Bell Foundation helps people who have major health care concerns, have no place to live and to help  fund health related products that will help many people such as  children in care homes, alcohol/drug facilities, spousal abuse, hospice care, etc.”

As the song is for a fundraiser, the player below contains just a 40-second clip of the song.