April 29, 2016 -- A new home for Melissa on the Web will be online in the coming months.  Work has begun on a completely new that will have a whole new look and feel.

“I’m excited about relaunching my website,” Melissa said.  “I'm definitely overdue, being that I've released a new album and also knowing where things have gone to Internet-wise since my site was initially launched.”

Aside from the color changes, the site will be built on a responsive theme, meaning that it will adapt to all mobile devices.  The delivery method for videos on will also be among the changes implemented for the new site.

“After getting to preview the changes we've made so far, I'm anxious for everyone to see it once it’s completed,” Melissa added.

No launch date has been set yet, as work continues behind the scenes on Melissa’s new Web home.  Her management company is working closely with its Web developer to ensure a quality result, putting an emphasis on getting it right instead of just getting something out fast.