December 29, 2016 -- The Aloft Hotel in El Segundo, California, has established Melissa Brethauer as their resident entertainment on Thursday nights.  Sometimes referred to as Aloft El Segundo LAX, or, Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport, the property is conveniently located for travelers to the major hub as well as area residents.

Located off the main lobby, the WXYZ Lounge is where Melissa has now been performing since the end of October.  Her first show there was on October 27th, which was just the second night for live music there.

Aloft logo“I love the atmosphere at the WXYZ Lounge! It's a really fun, laid back, and hip vibe,” she said.  “It has been an awesome experience for me every time so far. I love getting to interact with the hotel guests and local patrons who come to listen, and it's really great to also have the respect and support of the hotel management/staff.  I’m very grateful to be chosen for this regular rotation there.”

Already in these last two-plus months of 2016, Melissa has performed nine times at Aloft’s WXYZ Lounge and she has been tapped as their New Year’s Eve entertainer as well.

“I’m pleased to continue getting new opportunities here in/around the greater Los Angeles area,” Melissa added.  “It’s always good to be able to perform at new venues, but there’s also something to be said for having a fixed spot each week, like Aloft.”

Melissa is no stranger to the resident performer slot at a hotel, having performed 26 times this year – an average of every other week – in the Living Room Lounge at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach.

Keep up with the Upcoming Shows page of Melissa’s website for places, dates, and times for when and where you can see her perform live.