Photo by Vanessa Adams


Guitar & piano

Based in the greater Los Angeles area, Melissa Brethauer continues to captivate audiences.  The singer/songwriter released her second album, “Easy Way Out,” in late 2015, and has been out performing more and more live shows than maybe ever before in her career.

Brethauer (pronounced BRETT-how-er) also plays guitar and piano, having started into music at a very young age.  It was around her senior year of high school that the foundation was being laid for what quickly showed it was going to be a path to opportunity.

By the age of 21 she was already performing on the Las Vegas ‘strip,’ and over the years has been on stages ranging from Orlando to Atlanta to Oklahoma City, plus Nashville (despite not being a country artist) and even exotic locales such as Hawaii and Thailand, not to mention songwriters festivals that she has been a part of – by invitation – in Alabama and up in the Florida panhandle where she’d spent her middle school years.

Along the way, Melissa’s songwriting has continued to evolve.  She calls the genre of her original music Folk Pop, and it has gotten the attention of audiences far and near.  Melissa’s music has had airplay not only in cities around the U.S., but internationally, which mirrors the sales she has gotten from the States as well as countries in Europe and even Japan.

The above is reinforced by the worldwide following she has gotten, as evidenced by followers on her Facebook and ReverbNation pages – and subscribers to her e-newsletter – from all five regions of the world (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania).

Melissa’s live shows catch the listener’s ear as she puts her own interpretation on contemporary (cover) songs that are suitable for and recognizable by most audiences.  In addition to the House of Blues (inside Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas), she has also performed on notable stages including, but not limited to, The Mint (Los Angeles) and Eddie’s Attic (Atlanta).

The media have taken notice too, as Melissa has taken a strong foothold on major music platforms from iTunes to Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby,, and other online streaming platforms and retailers.